ProBrand Links the World

ProBrand is the world leading designer and manufacturer of advanced RF (microwave) electronics and antenna systems. Founded in 1983 with our U.S. headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, we serve some of the largest telecommunications and satellite operators in the world. Specializing in high-volume ODU & IDU terminals and CPE’s, we link devices, homes, and people to the wireless and satellite signals blanketing Earth. In short, ProBrand links the world.

End-to-end Solutions

Through our prolific and incredible in-house engineering design team combined with advanced R&D labs, state-of-the-art indoor compact antenna and feed ranges, and leading-edge manufacturing facilities, ProBrand offers shortened time to market and a complete end-to-end solution. We have been able to design some of the world’s smallest digital LNB’s, the most advanced feeds suited for high volume manufacturing, ultra broadband LTE antennas, and the most sophisticated 2-way Ka-band satellite terminals in the industry that maintain stringent RMS and wind load requirements.

Our People Make the Difference

ProBrand employs brilliant and hard-working people, and has facilities in the U.S., U.K., China, and Taiwan. Our creative and innovative design engineering primarily occur in the U.S. and U.K. Our exceptional and refined production methods and techniques occurs in our facilities in China and Taiwan. ProBrand also has strategic partnerships in place with U.S. manufacturing sites. Our customers not only appreciate and benefit from ProBrand’s verticals, but we have been recognized with numerous awards and top rankings from our customers for our supply chain and logistics management. Come see why so many customers choose and trust to be “linked by ProBrand™”