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One of the significant problems faced by the Agricultural industry is the limited access to reliable and cost-effective communication solutions. Traditional methods such as wired networks or cellular networks are often expensive, have limited coverage in rural areas, and consume excess power.

With ProLink Connect, our devices solve the communication challenges in the Agricultural industry by providing cost-effective, long-range, and low-power consumption solutions. The benefits include increased efficiency, real-time monitoring, wide coverage, environmental sustainability, and scalability, resulting in improved productivity and profitability for farmers and agricultural businesses.

There is often a need for real-time monitoring and tracking of various assets and devices. Traditional wireless systems may not be fully equipped to handle the volume and complexity of data transmission required. This can result in inefficiencies, delays, and potential risks to patient care.

With ProLink Connect, our devices enable real-time monitoring of critical assets, such as medical equipment, patient monitoring systems, and even staff and patient location tracking. This helps ensure equipment availability, maintain patient safety, and enhance operational efficiency.

Hotels face various challenges in managing their operations efficiently, which can impact guest satisfaction and operational costs. These challenges include monitoring and controlling energy usage, ensuring guest safety, and managing assets effectively.

With ProLink Connect, our devices can be used to monitor and control energy usage in hotel rooms, common areas, and back-office spaces. This enables hotels to optimize energy consumption, reduce wastage, and ultimately lower operational costs.

In addition, Hotels have a range of valuable assets that need to be monitored and protected. Our low cost asset tracking capabilities can help hotels manage and locate assets, such as linen, equipment, and guest amenities, reducing losses and improving operational efficiency.

In the factory industry, there is often a need to monitor various aspects such as equipment performance, asset tracking, inventory management, and environmental conditions. Traditional monitoring systems may have limitations in terms of range, power consumption, and connectivity in large factory environments. This can result in inefficient operations, increased maintenance costs, and potential safety risks.

Our LPWAN devices provide real-time data transmission, allowing factory managers to gain insights into equipment performance, inventory levels, and environmental conditions. This data can be used for proactive maintenance, optimizing inventory management, and creating a safer working environment. With LPWAN, factory operators can make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information, leading to improved overall operational efficiency

Because ProLink Connect utilizes IoT devices that are strictly LPWAN technology, it allows them to operate for several years without the need for frequent battery replacement or recharging. This reduces maintenance costs and maximizes the uptime of monitoring systems.

In a mining site, there are often challenges related to connectivity and communication. Traditional cellular or Wi-Fi networks may not be available or reliable in remote and rugged environments. This lack of connectivity can hinder operations, create safety concerns, and limit the potential for efficient monitoring and management of equipment and assets.

Our LPWAN IoT devices operate on the basis of long-range and low-power transmission, allowing devices to communicate over several miles while consuming very little power. These devices can be easily deployed and integrated into existing infrastructure without the need for extensive cabling or infrastructure upgrades. LPWAN networks are specifically designed to provide connectivity in remote areas with low power consumption and long-range transmission capabilities.

Start monitoring and data collection from various mining equipment, such as pumps, conveyors, and generators. This data can be used for predictive maintenance and optimization, resulting in reduced downtime, increased equipment lifespan, and overall operational efficiency.

Enable real-time remote monitoring of critical parameters, such as gas levels, temperature, humidity, and worker location. This helps to ensure a safer working environment and minimize the risk of accidents.

Warehouses often face challenges with tracking and monitoring various assets, such as inventory, equipment, and personnel. Traditional methods of connectivity, such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks, may not always be ideal due to limitations in coverage, high power consumption, and cost implications.

Our LPWAN devices can cover large areas, including indoor spaces with thick walls and difficult-to-reach corners, ensuring comprehensive connectivity throughout the entire warehouse.

Compared to traditional cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, LPWAN solutions are generally more affordable, particularly when deploying them across a large warehouse. This cost-effectiveness makes it feasible to implement widespread connectivity without breaking the budget.

In addition, our LPWAN IoT devices are simple to install and set up, requiring minimal technical skills. This means that warehouse staff can quickly deploy and integrate these devices into their existing infrastructure, minimizing downtime and ensuring quick implementation.

The problem that many office buildings face is the need for efficient and reliable connectivity for various IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Traditional network solutions may not be suitable as they often require high power consumption, have limited range, and can be costly to implement and maintain.

Our LPWAN IoT devices provide reliable and extensive coverage, enabling smooth communication between devices irrespective of their location within the building. This ensures that all IoT devices, such as sensors, beacons, or environmental monitors, can operate efficiently without any connectivity disruptions.

In addition, our LPWAN IoT devices offer secure and encrypted data transmission, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and maintaining the privacy of office operations. This added security feature is crucial for various applications, such as access control systems, asset tracking, or environmental monitoring.

Overall, the implementation of ProLink Connect IoT LPWAN devices in an office building can solve the connectivity challenge faced, provide extensive coverage, reduce power consumption, lower costs, and enhance security. These benefits collectively improve the overall efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of the office environment.

In a multi-family building, the management faces challenges in managing various aspects like energy consumption, security, and environmental monitoring. Traditional solutions often require the installation of complex and costly infrastructure that is not suitable for such buildings. Additionally, managing and monitoring these systems can be time-consuming and inefficient

The ProLink Connection devices can be utilized for environmental monitoring within the building. Sensors installed for temperature, humidity, air quality, and water leak detection enable proactive detection of issues, allowing for timely maintenance and preventing potential damage.

Our LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) devices offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to various challenges. LPWAN operates on long-range, low-power wireless technology and allows for the connection of multiple devices to a single network. This enables seamless monitoring and management of various aspects within a multi-family building.

The issue that large arenas typically face is the need for efficient and reliable connectivity across the entire area. This includes the ability to monitor and control various systems, such as security, environmental controls, ticketing, and crowd management. Traditional connectivity options like Wi-Fi or cellular networks can be costly, limited in coverage, or consume too much power.

The ProLink Connect IoT LPWAN technology is specifically designed to provide long-range wireless connectivity with low power consumption. LPWAN devices operate on low-frequency bands, allowing for wider coverage and penetration through obstacles like walls and structures.

Our IoT LPWAN networks offer high scalability, allowing for easy expansion and integration of new devices or systems as the arena’s needs evolve. This flexibility ensures that the arena can adapt to future technological advancements and comply with emerging industry standards. This enables efficient management and control of various systems, enhancing overall operations and improving the experience for visitors, staff, and stakeholders.

Hardware Technology: We offer hundreds of pre-provisioned & ready-to-deploy top IoT LPWAN sensors from leading manufacturers from around the globe, saving you time and money.

Software: Visualize, monitor, and manage through one single pane of glass using our ProLink Connect secure platform. Custom reporting included.

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Pricing: We offer the lowest monthly cost per sensor pricing as compared to other turnkey solutions in the industry. Both Capex/Opex pricing models are available.

LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) devices are a type of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) technology designed to provide long-range communication with low power consumption. LPWAN devices are specifically designed to connect devices in a low-cost, energy-efficient manner over long distances, making them suitable for a wide range of IoT applications.

The main difference between LPWAN devices and older IoT solutions lies in their communication range and power requirements. Previous IoT solutions, such as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, were not optimized for low power consumption or long-range communication. In contrast, LPWAN devices are designed to operate over tens or even hundreds of kilometers with minimal power consumption, allowing for battery-powered devices to operate for years without needing replacement.

LPWAN devices also offer advantages in terms of cost and scalability. Traditional IoT solutions like Wi-Fi and cellular networks often require high infrastructure investments and ongoing subscription fees. LPWAN, on the other hand, offers low-cost deployments and minimal ongoing costs, making it more accessible and scalable for a wide range of applications.

Overall, LPWAN devices provide a compelling solution for IoT applications that require long- range communication and low power consumption, offering advantages in terms of cost, scalability, and energy efficiency compared to older IoT solutions.

Your LPWAN IoT device sensor data can also support predictive maintenance. By continuously monitoring the performance of equipment or infrastructure, businesses can detect potential failures or maintenance needs in advance. This proactive approach reduces downtime, minimizes repair costs, and improves overall operational reliability.

Device sensor data provides businesses with valuable insights, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, better asset management, improved customer experience, and proactive maintenance strategies.

Probrand International’s high volume manufacturing capability enables companies to achieve cost savings, efficiency, quality control, and adaptability on a global scale. This can contribute to their success in competitive markets and meeting customer demands effectively