Customer Warranty

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Standard warranty is 12 months unless otherwise noted.


Product is guaranteed by ProBrand International, Inc. to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.  The warranty period for standard products is 12 months from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.  This warranty shall be void upon transfer of ownership of this product.  ProBrand International agrees to repair or replace this unit, at our option and at no charge, within the warranty period, providing that the product is delivered to ProBrand International in its original package or equivalent, fully insured, with all shipping charges prepaid and a return authorization number (RA) listed on the outside of the packaging.  The repaired or replacement unit shall be warranted for a period equal to the balance of the defective unit’s warranty period.  A handling charge of $35 will be applied to any returned product found not to be defective.  To honor this warranty and to ensure the best service to our customer, ProBrand International requires the following information to be included with the returned unit:

  • Model name, number & serial number of the unit
  • A copy of the original sales invoice from your vendor
  • A detailed description of the problem, electrical connection and associated hardware
  • A ProBrand Return Authorization (RA) number obtained by emailing ProBrand Returns Department at prior to returning the unit.

This warranty shall not apply to any product which has been repaired or altered in any way so as, in our judgment, to affect its functionality and durability, nor to any product subject to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident, improper maintenance, improper installation, nor to any product used with other parts, components and/or accessories with quality and/or specifications incompatible with this product.  This warranty does not cover products that have been impaired by severe weather conditions and other occurrences considered Acts of God over which ProBrand International has no control.  This warranty shall also be void is any required periodic maintenance, if applicable, has not been properly performed on this product.

This warranty and remedies presented above are exclusive and in lieu of all other express or implied warranties.  No other representatives or claims shall be binding on or obligate ProBrand International in any way.  Any warranty applicable to this product is limited to the period described above.  In no event will ProBrand International be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, loss of revenue, or cost of replacement goods resulting from the use or malfunction of this product to the equipment system on which it is used.  This warranty gives specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from state to state.

To obtain an authorized return number, please contact the service department by emailing

Expedited return shipping services are available at an additional cost.

All return authorized product will be repaired or replaced by ProBrand. Credits for returns, or repair or replacement, will be issued at the discretion of Pro Brand based on the outcome of test and inspection.

If the product is to be destroyed in the field, a credit will be issued to your company and the distributor will dispose of the stated products upon receipt of the credit.

A return authorization is needed for any stock adjustments, shipping errors, or customer cancellation. The RA can be obtained from the Pro Brand service department.

Coaxial Cable – 30 day warranty

Copper Ground Wire – 30 day warranty

Accessories under $10 – 30 day warranty

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