Reliable. Efficient. Automated. Scalable.

Only a top-tier manufacturer with specialized facilities, efficient assembly line technology and reliable quality assurance can get your product from concept to creation fast and worry free.

The shortest path from concept to production

ProBrand’s manufacturing process actually starts in design. Our engineers’ and designers’ deep understanding of the manufacturing process ensures a rapid transition from tested and approved concepts to production ready manufacturing. Advanced robotics technology, in-line testing and an innovative shop-floor management system enables cost savings that ProBrand passes back to the client.

Strategically Located High-capacity Facilities

Electronics - China

With many millions of U.S. dollars invested in modern, wholly-owned, facilities in China ProBrand has produce the most up-to-date LNB manufacturing facility with fully automated assembly and test lines – including the latest Surface Mount Technology and fully automated Anechoic chambers for in-line testing. A newly developed shop floor management system fully integrates our production and test data collection and Quality inspection (using state-of-the-art AOI equipment) to repeatedly produce the highest quality goods.

Electronics and Cables- Vietnam

ProBrand has answered the industry’s need to have manufacturing capabilities outside of China by establishing Vietnam facilities. These Vietnam facilities not only manufacture cables, such as HDMI, Fiber, and Category Cables, but some electronics can be outsourced from Vietnam as well. In addition, ProBrand can provide contract manufacturing services in their Vietnam facilities.

Antennas – Taiwan

ProBrand’s antenna production is performed in best-in-class facilities in Taiwan with presses ranging from 10 tons to 1500 tons. Press-side checking fixtures are common place for critical characteristics and many utilize automated data collection for SPC analysis. Robots are used for welding and assembly operations where feasible and automated machines have been employed for specific high volume products.

Quality controlled at every stage

Our in-line data collection and inspection processes, such as fully automated anechoic chambers, press-side checking fixtures, AOI’s with auto data collection for SPC analysis allows for constant monitoring of trends and traceability. All recorded data: incoming raw material, testing, production, and inspection data is stored for 10 years.